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Each idea needs space and good conditions to be developed and come to success. At cocompose.com you find a musician- and songwriter community, which exactly offers such a space for the enhancement of your music.

At cocompose.com you can worldwide collaborate online and make music with musicians, songwriters and other creative talents on open or private music projects. In addition you can market your tracks. cocompose.com is a multimedia website. Music projects can consist of more than audio tracks with different instruments or vocals only. You can also add a music video or a online entered captions track to a music project, publish your songtext (lyrics) and of course add a cool cover image to it. The complex system of cocompose.com assembles the single media tracks of a respective track selection to a song or a so called multimedia-composing and offers it to an worldwide auditory for download.

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Join cocompose-projects like this:


Export your tracks as single tracks from your music application.


Create a new project or find an existing project.
Upload your tracks into it.


Freely combine tracks and play them.
Publish your favorite track combination as a song or music video.


A simple click on the name of a song or composing and you will find yourself in the related music project. Now you can check the detailed track mixture and try out different track combinations, cause the tracks of a music project can be freely combined and assembled to a new song respectively to a new composing by publishing it. For instance you can turn off an instrument or a vocal track and select another one instead, if available.

Do you like a specific song?

Then rate it by giving it your vote and improve its ranking position by doing that. Or simply download it.
See this information if you like to download songs and multimedia-composings.

Can I download the songs and multimedia-composings?

Of course you can! If you like to download a song or music video e.g. for your iPod, just put the song into your cart by clicking the "add to cart"-button and go ahead. Did I mention that you have to sign up to do this? (free "Simple User account" to download)
We know: "Cart" sounds like being charged, right? But don´t worry! Everything which is assigned a ' FREE! ' is defintely for free. In case a song or a multimedia-composing is chargable, you will see this in the player and at least in your cart, where you still can delete it, of course! You can not do wrong! Just try it out!

Like mentioned above! The free download of a song or multimedia-composing is limited to a specific number of its respective downloads.
So don´t wait if you like a song! Don´t worry, the price will not rise for songs and multimedia-composing, which are already in your cart.
For those the price ist fixed until they are removed from the cart. At this link you find a explanation of the dynamic pricing sytem.

The idea of cocompose.com

The philosophy and idea of cocompose.com is, that songs can be developed and enhanced in an evolutionary process by giving anybody the possibility to join or create an open music project and that way bring in his individual talent to this process. At cocompose.com you will have the possibility to find creative talents from all over the world and making music as part of an virtual online band by participating on an open music project. The ambition of cocompose.com is, that hobby musicians and professionals can come together to exchange their ideas, talents and skills, as we are confident that good ideas and the feeling for great sound is not reserved to anybody.
Due to the possibility to assemble single tracks there may resulting different song or multimedia-composing versions from one and the same music project, which then are in competition with each other. It is the auditory (to which you are belonging too, of course) that decides through its "voting" and its downloads, which song or multimedia-composing is the better one.
The better a song is, the more he rises in the ranking. Because songs can be enhanced and recreated at all times they don´t have to be perfect from the very beginning.

Why all that?

There great talents among us, which prefer to make music alone and have all capabilities to do that - having a groovy melody in their mind, having the right feeling to write nice lyrics, are great singers with the perfect voice and on top know playing several instruments perfectly.
But the majority among us is more specialized and enjoys to make music together with others and does not like to develop a song alone.

Imagine... maybe there is a cool melody in your mind, but you don´t have the right voice or your instrument knowledge is not good enough to develop the melody to a perfect song. Or you developed a song quite far, but you know something is missing and you can´t find out what it is. Or you perfectly know playing your instrument, but composing a song or writing lyrics does not belong to your strengths. Or you just like making music online together with other in an musicians community. Or, or, or...
Wouldn´t it be great, if there was a musician- and songwriter community, which makes all this possible?
You found that community! Right here at cocompose.com.

How does it work?

It´s simple! Each signed up "Creative User" can create open or private music projects or can participate on existing project of others. A music project first and foremost consists of audio tracks uploaded by different musicians which can be freely assembled to a published song. You can say cocompose.com is somehow working like a multi band machine, where you can turn on or off single tracks and play the turned on tracks simultaneously. Everybody can try out track combinations and play them. So you don´t have to sign up to do that.

Once you signed up as a "Creative User" you can add a video to a music project as well. Together with the audio tracks it becomes a music video from it. Don´t worry about the sound of your video as the sound is removed by the system after its upload for not disturbing the audio tracks of a music project. You can also add lyrics to a music project, even if they are not finished yet. Maybe another one has a good idea how to complete or enhance it and maybe other users can help solving language problems as cocompose.com is an international musicians- and songwriters community.
No matter, if your music project a music video is assigned or not - you can make your lyrics to captions using our online captions tool, with no programming knowledge needed. The captions are displayed in our online player and can also be downloaded as a video file, which is playable on several multimedia players like iTunes or Real-Player.
This way your lyrics get more attention by the auditory, are imprinting better in peoples mind, and can be understood more easy by the international auditory. Furthermore they can be sung by others e.g. as karaoke or to participate on your music project. As far as we know this is a feature you find only here at cocompose.com!
Each song should have a cover image, of course. Self-evidently you can add this too.

The system of cocompose.com can not only play the tracks and media of a music project contemporaneously. Assembled audio- / video- and captions tracks are merged and converted by the system to downloadable song- and video files and can be normally played on your computer (e.g. iTunes, Real-Player, QuickTime-Player, etc.) and mp3/mp4-devices (e.g. iPod, mobiles, mp3-players, etc.) (only exception: captions do not show up on iPod and mobile phone and similar devices).

How do I attune my tracks to tracks of other users?

This is quite simple as well! As soon you singn in as "Creative User", you can download single tracks within a music project. Just import these tracks into your music editor application (sequencer) (e.g. Garageband, Ableton Live 7, Pro Tools, etc.). Now record your music as an extra track playing your instrument or singing to the downloaded tracks. Then adjust the volume, pan, etc. of your new track, whithout changing the volume of the downloaded tracks. If everything is done, simply export your track as an isolated single track and as next upload it into the respective music project. After the system has converted your track, you and the whole world can combine your track with the tracks of that music project, listen to it or make it part of a new song or multimedia-composing.

How well-developed must my tracks be?

Everything good and great on this planet has once started with a simple idea. So why solely uploading perfectly finished music ideas? Your piece of music does not have to be perfect. Theoretically you can also bumble or whistle, if this is the only way to express your idea; you never know if and how it inspires another one and what in the end he is making from it. Firstly it is your idea, which counts, it can be enhanced later on. Exactly that is evolution.
Of course we are thrilled, if you are uploading perfectly finished tracks. The better for the music project!

What happens with my music?

There are many websites out there, where unknown talents offer their songs to download for free. We are confident that everything what people can get completely for free does not have a long term value to them. So we want to avoid this. On the other hand you can not surcharge an overvalued price for something nobody knows and nobody wants. So we were looking for a solution how you can financially profit from your music. But selling music and getting royallties is not the main topic. The point is to achieve a more valuable status for your music which is well founded. For that reason all songs and multimedia-composings can firstly be downloaded for free. But wouldn´t it be a pitty for you as a musician, if a real good song results from a music project and this one could be downloaded for free at all times? That´s why we count the downloads. If the system gets notice that a song is that good and popular that it is downloaded many times it switches from the status "free" to the status "sell" and determines a proper price for the respective song, which is orientated on the number of downloads (dynamic pricing system).
We do our best to promote real good and popular songs and looking for good traffic. cocompose has visitors from 128 nations, which is nearly the whole world and has meanwhile an average number of 10.000 pageviews per month!

Of course we pay out royalties, if profits made with your music or music ideas. We developed a royalties system which considers all participants actively taking part on the development of a song using a specific formula and then pays out the royalties to the participants entitled for.

Here at cocompose.com talents and all people treating with music find a music community with music shop which offers great possibilities.

In summary the features are:

  • the upload of tracks and as well music ideas perfectly finished or unfinished
  • the enhancement of your music and lyrics in collaboration with others
  • a nice presentation of your music by a player which visually supports your music and can play your lyrics as captions even if there´s no music video available
  • the possibility to get a feedback for your tracks and your music trough the voting- and commentary functions
  • the possipility to enhance your music in an evolutionary process
  • the possiblility to present your music to a auditory coming from all parts of the world
  • the possibility to let the auditory decide which version of your ideas is the better one and which music video or cover fits to it as best
  • the possibility to sell your tracks and get royalties for them as far as they are the auditory likes them
  • a system which determines the value of your music by counting the number of downloads and offers it for a fair price
  • a system calculating automaticly which participants entitled for royalties and fairly assigns the royalties using a specfic royalties formula, to avoid unfairness

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