Project name: Do it Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1d851 Tracks: 1 Key: ?-?
Initiator: Jacob bpm: 84 Duration: 0:00

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    cc-ID: 1 Artist:Artist image Jacob started: 19.03.2018 last mod.: 19.03.2018Based on: -- Options:

      God is with us Verse 1 I have travelled many miles to get where I am. To find things the same. I don't need an explanation Its there infront of my eyes. What is life? Suffering and more suffering for other. Chorus 1 But let us see God is with us. Open your eyes. Take a stand Let it be known that you are thankful, and will fight. Verse 2 I have been a man with many troubles. And always I looked to the heavens. And found help. Just believe. The demons never stop plotting. Chorus 2 But let us see. God is with us Open your eyes Take a stand. Let it be known that you are thankful and will fight. Verse 3 Many things happen. Some can leave you out, That what the world is about. Think how many told the story. Then you will know God exists, and pray. Chorus 3 Let us see God is with us Open your eyes Take a stand against evil. Let it be known you will fight.