Project name: Prog/Art/Avantgarde Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1d5c1 Tracks: 2 Key: ?-?
Initiator: Mortimer bpm: 84 Duration: 0:00

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    cc-ID: 1
    Title: darc3
    Cover pictureArtist :Artist image Mortimer
    Annotation :
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    last mod.:22.01.18

    cc-ID: 2 Artist:Artist image Mortimer started: 22.01.2018 last mod.: 22.01.2018Based on: -- Options:

      looking for progfraks from all over the world: vocalist (male), guitar, keys, or any other nerd - Style: Progressive Music, Art Rock, Space Rock, R.I.O. Rock, Zeuhl, Avantgarde, Electronic... - where we are going to: from vintage/old scool to modern/electronic, from simple to complicated, from cheesy to weird Influences Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Van der Graaf Generator, Gong, Magma, Camel, Radiohead/Thom Yorke, Ulver, Paatos, Anekdoten, Motorpsycho, Gentle Giant, Dungen, Angagard, Big Big Train, Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Caravan, Pink Floyd, Neil Young/CSNY, Nick Drake, National Health, Isildurs Bane, Somnambulist, One Shot, David Bowie, Present,The Amazing, Elephant9,... ask for more details: d_arc (at) t-online (dot) de some demo examples here: