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    ... says to this project: Date:18.03.18

    " fit for the job "

    I am a passionate lyricist, who is looking for some fun people to work with. Got some contracts from Nashville too and some of my poems found some place in The International Poetry Journal as well. I am creative with words and am sure we will do some great work together.
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    ... says to this project: Date:11.04.18

    " Collaboration "

    Hi there friend I'm Shab... I have been writing poetry and lyrics since the age of 9 growing up in Houston TX. When inspiration descends it is no longer in my hands the vision and words that are formed. Also 2 of the songs where chosen by a company in Nashville to make the relative demos yet they were asking for 480$ for a 5 piece band plus a singer which i could not afford. Although I know that this rate for a 3 hour session in a professional studio is almost nothing and it's an incredible bargain. Anyway I like yourself am very passionate about life and poetry and wanted to see if we co-write together enhance the lines beyond borderlines ...anyhow here is some sample lyrics from a few can also search my name on youtube shahab shamloo if you got time and patience to listen to poetry recitals. Bless you and only love Shab

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cc-ID: 1 Artist:Artist image allanpstevens started: 22.01.2018 last mod.: 22.01.2018Based on: -- Options:

    Hi I am an established lyric writer, I have listened to some of your tracks on soundcloud, they are good. If you want to see what I can write please go to facebook. I also write for a professional production studio. Or type in "song lyrics and poems by allan". I only write lyrics, I am not a musician. Regards Allan contact

    cc-ID: 4 Artist:Artist image alanjack97 started: 27.02.2018 last mod.: 27.02.2018Based on: -- Options:

      I also only write lyrics, contact; Please email if interested. Regards Alan

      cc-ID: 5 Artist:Artist image shabsilence started: 11.04.2018 last mod.: 11.04.2018Based on: -- Options:

        Hello There, I am also just a poet. Here are a few sample lyrics of some songs for your kind evaluation : 1- "Soul Lost" ....... 2 Oh baby where are you now?! This heart’s filthy bleedin And I got no mind! Which way did I turn That got me here Was I sweating for bread Or was I hustlin beer?! ChorusX2 : Now all these words Swirlin round my head How can I say ? Somethin best unsaid. come on come back And set me free chains round my heart Are killing me!! 3-"Galaxy Dust" ChorusX2 : Your lips are my rhythm Your touch beyond time The words that I can’t find Your eyes, Your eyes chant in chime! 4 Play on me playful girl
J Juggle row round, Juggle row round 
Me, Jupiter and sapphire moon , sapphire moon The earth, the elements, wind ,fire them dunes ! Scatter me galaxies
 From dust to pulse ! 3-"Mirrors" 1 Hey you! Hey you! Who are white, yellow or black The light of sun will shine pon all cracks And if you brown, blue or tanned The earth, seas and sands. Chorus: So what you mean?! I am a Muslim Can you really kill a Christian? What you mean?! I am a Buddhist? Now who you calling the Judas?! Can you speaking speaking clearer? so we getting nearer? No boundary, no no boundary no boundary interfera! We not the same tone and shade The red of blood shall never fade We all the same form and shape your reflection how can you rape?! Hope to collaborate with you kind people. Only love Shab