Project name: Imagine Genre: Pop Beat: ?
Project ID: 1d031 Tracks: 6 Key: ?-?
Initiator: geraldinetaylor bpm: 84 Duration: 2:59

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    1Geraldine Taylor24.10.2017Others2

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    6 imagine geraldinet..
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      says to this track: Date:09.11.17

      " Imagine "

      Awesome remix.
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      says to this track: Date:16.11.17

      " Thank you "

      Thank you. i am glad you liked it. I look forward to working on more if you wish. I have a christian album i need help with. I have words to poems i would like to create music for. just need them arranged in a song format. May God Bless you, your family, and friends.
    Artist image ajames9875
    2 Imagine - Jesse Da..
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      says to this track: Date:31.10.17

      " hello "

      Did you message me a while ago? if so how?
    Artist image geraldinetaylor
    1 Imagine (Soundbett..
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      Artist image geraldinetaylor

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      3Imagine - Jesse Da..
        Artist image geraldinetaylor

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        cc-ID: 5 Artist:Artist image geraldinetaylor started: 24.10.2017 last mod.: 24.10.2017Based on: -- Options:

          Verse 1 Imagine if you could go beyond, the shackles of the chains and bonds To truly love again, just imagine Imagine if you could touch the sky and climb a wall like ten feet high To open your heart, just imagine Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine Verse 2 Imagine if you could unify, a broken past, bitten twice shy To be vulnerable, just imagine Imagine if you could crumble down, the walls created to surround To remove the guards, just imagine Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine Bridge A new perspective there to take, an unbound dream to re-awake My script of all revisions new Persistent continuity, facing all uncertainty A bright scene, a refreshing view Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh Verse 3 Imagine if you could wind the clocks, identify the stumbling blocks To re-establish with clarity Imagine a journey not the same, an open trust right there to gain To receive new opportunity Ooh now I see Ooh I believe in me Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️

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