Project name: Album Under big Label Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1ca61 Tracks: 0 Key: ?-?
Initiator: vessbroz bpm: 84 Duration: 1:00
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    ... says to this project: Date:20.07.17

    " Pop Song "

    Hello, I am a songwriter and not a singer but I can sing pretty good and I am interested in collaborating, I came up to 73% singing Billie Jean(Michael Jackson's Song) I have a Youtube account if you would like to check out my singing I have 10 videos on there of me singing which are parts from my songs.I am interested mostly in Pop but I am interested in Gospel, Rock, R&B, Jazz and Classic.Please write me back. You can message me on here or on these social media accounts. Kik:blc.234 Insta:brandon_l.c._
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    ... says to this project: Date:27.07.17

    " Singapore Producer/ Singer .. " C if u wanna werk with me guys..cheers

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