Project name: Pour On Us A Blessing Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1c9d1 Tracks: 3 Key: ?-?
Initiator: geraldinetaylor bpm: 84 Duration: 2:50

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    1 Pour on us a bless..
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      cc-ID: 3 Artist:Artist image geraldinetaylor started: 06.07.2017 last mod.: 06.07.2017Based on: -- Options:

        Verse 1 Lord I put my hope, forever put my trust By your mighty power I’m succeeding As the apple of your eye, my heart will glorify In all victory, your undefeated No other comes before, angelic beings adore Your insightful ways are overseeing Your awe-inspiring, give praises to the king You’re my saviour evermore Chorus Pour on us a blessing Eternal everlasting Joyfully rejoicing, in thee A shout of acclamation A righteous revelation A blossoming elation, in me Verse 2 A holy offering, to purify my sins I’m forgiven, I am free again You truly paid the price, no greater sacrifice My redeemer, which I can depend I’m captured in your sight, the wrongs that you made right My salvation, fortress fortified No longer lost now found, I stand on solid ground Sing praises to the sky Chorus Bridge x2 On the rock, no other place is where I stand Oh the life you give is rested in your hands Chorus Written by Geraldine Taylor © Cover Rendition:

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