Project name: Have Hope Genre: Others Beat: ?
Project ID: 1c981 Tracks: 3 Key: ?-?
Initiator: geraldinetaylor bpm: 84 Duration: 1:55

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    1 Have hope
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      Artist image geraldinetaylor

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      Title: 442
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      last mod.:06.07.17

      cc-ID: 3 Artist:Artist image geraldinetaylor started: 06.07.2017 last mod.: 06.07.2017Based on: -- Options:

        Verse 1 Hope can you feel, it’s kinda stipulated Hope when its real, I’m feeling elevated, kinda animated, duly inundated Come and turn around, now it’s time that we really made it Faith is the key, towards the manifested Hope and believe, in times we’re really tested I’m eager interested, a power that is vested Come and follow me to places that we’ve never rested Chorus Time and time and time we’ve got to have hope – yeah Bring it back to life and it’s got to have scope – ooh yeah Come and fill my heart with joy and laughter, laughter Come and fill the sky with praise – oh yeah Verse 2 Pour into me, a fill of motivation Come let us hear, a calling generation, a rosy illustration, no upper limitation Come and let me show you what it means to have a celebration Come dance with me, it’s really necessary Hope certainty, we’re truly legendary We’re cheerful bright and merry, we’re always ever ready Come strike a deal and let us bring the extraordinary Chorus Bridge (x4) Oh we’ve got to have hope yeah Come bring me that hope yeah Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

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