Project name: I Want To Genre: Easy Listening Beat: ?
Project ID: 1c801 Tracks: 3 Key: ?-?
Initiator: rockangel bpm: 84 Duration: 6:27

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      says to this track: Date:17.06.17

      " I Want To "

      This is a rough demo and I am looking couple to record this song. I know the instruments are off but the melody is exactly what I am looking for. It's quite difficult to sing, but I know there are very talented people out there that may want to give this song a try.
    Artist image rockangel

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    cc-ID: 3
    Title: Rockangel art
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    cc-ID: 2 Artist:Artist image rockangel started: 17.06.2017 last mod.: 17.06.2017Based on: -- Options:

      “I WANT TO” (Verse One) I want to enter in your world - I want to live right by your side I want to play inside your dreams - I want to catch the tears you cry I want to talk about the hopes you have - and wish upon a star I want to be everywhere you live and love - the spirit that you are. (Hook) To me you’re everything in one - and bring me peace of mind You babe are all I want - so perfectly aligned Just walk into my arms and rest - it’s right where you belong Cause you are everything I need - all I could ever want. (Verse Two) I want to color rainbows in your world - I want to watch the snowflakes fall I want to lick the dew right of your lips - and come runnin’ when you call I want to plant a seed and watch it grow - as I hold you in my arms And make love under moonlit skies - oh this is all I want. (Repeat Hook) Cr 2007 by j. dansk (BMI) aka rockangel

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