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1 music to my lyricsPop 1a401
Freedom of Love
Music Project CollabI'm a seasoned lyricist with 21 years of writing experience (classical poetry and later, music lyrics). I have numerous samples, work with different musicians/bands, and typically write on the spot as needed. I am seeking to collab with artist(s) to finalize an album soon. It can be in person (live in Houston) or over messaging and exchanging files via Drive or Dropbox. message me: Cheers, Sergey
2 Lyricist with vocalsPop 1e0f1
Lyricist with vocalsI am a Composer/Producer. I am looking for a Person who can write lyrics and sing. So the idea would be to provide a composition, send it over to a person who can write lyrics and provide vocals for the demo.
3 LyricsOthers 1e071
Infernal mind
Lyrics needed!!!dark hip hop
4 SongwriterOthers 1e061
Remember Us
Songwriter wantedI'm looking for a songwriter to write music and as well checking spelling and grammar to my lyrics of these songs 'So Many Months Ago', 'Don't Throw Our Love Away', 'Never Do You Wrong', 'No Matter What You Do', 'Girl You Know It's True' and 'Ordinary Girl' for upcoming long awaited double music studio album by the 522-piece mixed famous young adult singing choir named Young Artists United. Each style of each song has yet to be announced shortly. Sessions will take place from January 6th to March 28th 2020 in and around California. Contact me if you are interested.
5 ComposerCountry 1e031
Artist WantedSeeking composer to put music to my lyrics and make songs that we can get recorded.
6 guitarMetal 1dff1
say ello to my lil friend
need great guitarist to helpgangster song
7 drumsMetal 1dff1
say ello to my lil friend
need a drumline for songgangster song
8 Female Vocal SingerElectronic 1dee1
Female Vocal SingerHello Musicians and Singers We are looking for female vocal singer. Genre: Pop, EDM. Indie, Electro. We are looking to find the next; Lana Del Ray. Dua Lipa. Julia Michaels. We offer music career development, Artist branding, Music Production, Artist Development, Distribution, Promotion. Record Sessions. Please send us your demo with your photo to We create new big serios project so we ready to review all demos to find only one best vocal female and speak with about collaboration. Deal Type: With Contract. We waiting your demos. Thank you.
9 Lyrics/LyricistFolk 1ded1
Lyricist Wtd. Dylan type story SongI have the lyrics and melody for the first verse. There is an MP3 audio recording of the song being sung with acoustic finger-pick style guitar accompaning. I need somebody's help who can write the lyrics to take the song through.
10 DJElectronic 1ddb1
Change Part I
Change Part I RemixRemix of the vocals to: Electronic Dance Dubstep
Artist DevelopmentWe are looking for artists with strong material and image in the 'singer songwriter indie pop rock alternative' sub genre We are looking to find the next; Lana Del Ray. Total Budget for artist $25,000 for artist. We also have distribution (physical and digital), marketing (radio and web), and web/graphic design teams that have worked for both indie and major labels. Deal Type: Artist Development Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker Compensation: Negotiable Note! Company charge fee for Production & Contract. It cost $150 for processing and registration as artist. If you agree with start fee please apply with us.
12 Looking a Talented SingerPop 1dd71
Music Major ProductionWe are looking for artists with strong material and image in the 'singer songwriter indie pop rock alternative' sub genre We are looking to find the next; Lana Del Ray. Total Budget for artist $25,000 for artist. We also have distribution (physical and digital), marketing (radio and web), and web/graphic design teams that have worked for both indie and major labels. Deal Type: Artist Development Decision Maker: I'm the final decision maker Compensation: Negotiable Note! Company charge fee for Production & Contract. It cost $150 for processing and registration as artist. If you agree with start fee please apply with us.
13 BeatproducerRap 1dcd1
Beat needed
Beatproducer wantedYou can get track examples on my webside I need someone who have fun on creating beats. At best we can talk about comming creations and develope it. I´d like to make brainstorming together while or before the production. Hope someone agree with me and we could start creation 4 the future ;D
14 Arranger, performerOthers 1dc81
Modern rock-n-roll
Let's make modern rock'n'roll!Hello, guys. Here are my song ideas. I'd like you to make them live. I'm gonna publish more my songs. Any crytics from you are appreciated a lot.
15 Some to sing this Blues 1dc21
Don't break my heart
Breaking my heartNeed someone to sing this and play music
16 Composer meditative, soulMeditative 1db91
Spoken word
composer - lyrics, spoken wordComposer musician to create music for lyrics of a spoken word
17 musician Rap 1db61
anxiety rap
Musician wanted with drumsSomeone to put music to my rap lyrics. Need some music then will need a singer. My versions here but I'm not a singer. Ideas welcomed.
18 Composer for my lyricsOthers 1d721
lyricist looking for com
Composer Add music to my words....lyrics to song
19 Singer femaleEasy Listening 1daa1
singer wanted femaleSinger with studio access involved in the Project. Music is alreday writtne chords melody and lyrics. The style is a bit Kate Bush inspired not modern pop or rock . I want to collaborate making the song unique and ready . I am a pianoplayer Composer with many songs on spotify mostly instrumental . post me if interested
20 SingerRock 1da91
Vocals for a song
Need vocals for this songHi! i need a male english speaker to put vocals into my song, if you are interested make me know it. Thanks!
21 Singer Others 1da81
Brazil inspiração
Singer wanted - Brasil funk/rapLooking for a native Portuguese singer to record my song. My song can have either a light or heavy vibe as I am looking for someone creative to have some fun with my lyrics. I'm looking for a brasilian funk /rap style with a bit of attitude in the lyrics, serious or humorous. Basic instrumentation will be added.
22 Seeking music ArtistPop 1da01
Pop Artist with good VocalI'm a music producer and i currently searching for new artists and songwriters to be signed to a non-exclusive developmental deal. We are Looking for singers and music composer to create new artists promote and distribute it to audio market, and for publication on VEVO and MTV channels. We are looking for Female (pop, edm vocal) Men pop vocal. We offer Distribution Promotion Design Music Composing Rights Management Music Video Shooting Personal Production Manager. if interested please send us your demo links to email and we can review and discuss with the best artists. NOTE! If you had starter budget please contact us.
23 Fem. Vocalist, SongwriterElectronic 1d9c1
Progressive House
A new Progressive House TrackI'm looking for a female singer and songwriter, to create and sing lyrics for a new progressive house track. In the project file is an audio file of the chord progression (C-G-Am-F-C-G-Em-F) with a basic house beat. I haven't created the track yet. I've only written the chord progression. I'll create the melody etc around the vocals. As the vocalist and songwriter you're free to chose the content, mood etc of the lyrics.
24 singerDance 1d971
artist wanted for my semi edm trackthe edm track will be in making with the singer ....this is a sanple
25 Singer Reaggae 1d4c1
Looking for Lyricist
Vocalist and Musician wanted Have been working on an album "Mirrors of Compassion" ...up to now I have written 7-8 songs and would love to have the opportunity to work some talented, creative, open and fun people...maybe we make something with high added value and enhanced in tune and shade by blending in and fusing our inspirational energies together. You can check out some of my work on youtube Looking forward to hearing from you Bless and only love Shab
26 producerJazz 1d7e1
only dream of you
hoping for collaborationi absolutely cannot figure out how to use cocompose, so i'm putting this request out there for anyone really in love with jazz, needing female vocals. stateside. ready with home studio. holler to me please emma at
27 piano,guitar,drums,violinEasy Listening 1d8e1
beautiful for me
beautiful for mea slow but still beatish, happy kind of instrumental.
28 SPop 1d8c1
Sleep walking
I need a singer or singers for my lyrics and some beats
29 siPop 1d8b1
Heat like the sun
I need a singer and some beats
30 SingPop 1d8a1
Not happy alone
Artists neededI need a singer and instrument players for my lyrics
31 Singer and soundGospel 1d851
Do it
Artists neededI need a Gospel singer and sound people
32 Singer and guitar and etcPop 1d841
A nice time
I a singer and instrument players
33 singer and soundPop 1d821
Looking at you
Artists neededI need a singer to sing my lyric and some beats.
34 singer and soundDance 1d811
Passing years
Artists wantedI need a singer and some beats
35 singer Pop 1d7e1
only dream of you
Singer neededI need a singer for work on my track.
36 singerRock 1d7f1
Hip to the hips
singer neededLooking for a singer and more artists to work on my track
37 Musician, composerOthers 1d721
lyricist looking for com
Composer needed by lyricistLyricist with many lyrics in different genres is looking for a composer to bring the words to life.
38 composerOthers 1d4c1
Looking for Lyricist
musical composer wantedcomposer with many lyrics requires talented musician to bring them to life.
39 Rap Vocals , and/or InstPop 1d601
Too Serious
Rap Flows , or Instruments wantedPlease Make sure you have the audio playing through your headphones while you record to avoid other sound contamination (Fans) ( TV's , and other devices) I will Mix down you Track proffesionally for you to Download , and Listen too ., the more isolated your vocal track is , thew better the results
40 Rap Vocals, or instrumentRap 1d601
Too Serious
Looking for Rap Vocals You can Record on your Vocals on your android , or Iphone too, If you do make sure phonei is on a flat surface , with the audio playing through head phones, to avoid sound contamination I will remix your vocal track professionally , and repost for you to Download and listen . Make sure you place phone on flat surface , and sing/rap two feet away from phone while recording to ensure better quality . 4 verses 4/4 , secound verse is 8 measures . the other 3 are 16 measures
41 Rap Vocals Pop 1d671
The Mac Attack
somebody to Rap 4 verseVerses - 16 Measures Second Verse is only 8 measures IJust make sure you have your headphones on So the track isn't playing in the background to avoid contamination . I will take your verses , and and mix them to the track proffesionally for you to listen to , and download ... You can use your android ,or Iphone to record the track too , Just make sure you are two feet away from the the phone to avoid sound popping , and static , and have the phone on a flat surface standing still (You don't want to be holding the phone , or else the movement can result to vocal fading in and out., Close windows , and turn off fans aswell for room acoustics. The less sound contamination , the better the results
42 SingerR&B 1d651
Days Defore Astro Dynomit
Need second singerI'm look for a background or co-singer for my song 'Yours or Mines' track. If you want to join, my name is AstroDynomite44
43 Singer, Bass, drumsRock 1d611
Darker songs
Band neededmessage me at I need everything but guitar its in 4/4
44 VocalsPop 1d601
Too Serious
Looking For Vocals It's In the style of Pop Just bust something out , I can remix it , asd polish your vocal track . Please make sure you have the track play through your haed phones while you record your vocals to avoid contamination . That way I can Mixdown, and produce properly
45 female singerJazz 1d5f1
Curacao soft
curacao softi am seaching for a female singer with her own lyrics , the mastering of the song will be done on curacao. we do share royalties
46 Female singerWorld Music 1d5e1
curacao kizomba
Curacao Kizombai am searching for a female singer that has here own lyrics to the song we offer. the mastering and mixing will be done in our studio on the island and we do share royalties
47 vocals(m), guitar, keysRock 1d5c1
Progrock/Artrock/Avantardewhere are those prog freaks? looking for male vocalist, guitar, keys or any other nerd from this planet. what the international project about? let's make songs from easy to complicated, from cheesy to weird, too much influences pls listen to some examples here:
48 Arranger/InstrumentalistsOthers 1d581
Seeking Instrumentalists
Musicians WantedHey folks! I'm a vocalist working on a few different cover song projects. I need instrumentalists and mixers to help me create background tracks. Let me know if you are interested!
49 singerElectronic 1d541
Looking for a singer to form a bandI have 33 electro songs already and I need a singer to help me improve them and create real complete and beautiful songs to create a band or collaboration.
50 vocalsRap 1d501
1/7/18 vocals needed
VOCALS FOR BEAT NEEDEDbeats that need vocals email me if interested
51 LyricistClassic 1d4c1
Looking for Lyricist
Looking for LyristHi! I am a composer who is looking for a lyricist with whom I can collaborate on a number of projects, including some musical theatre. Let me know if there is interest! Thanks, Dave
52 SingerElectronic 1d461
UK Synthwave
Looking For Singer For SynthwaveLooking for a singer to collab on a synthwave project. If you like the style and can add your own vocals, great. This particular track has vocals written for it, but I can't sing them well (hence the add), but they can be added as a guide as well as written lyrics can be provided. I've many other tracks ready, if I can just find the right person...
53 vocals or just lyricsElectronic 1d441
vocals or lyrics wanted
your voice + my voice= 3000 angelsim most interested in a female vocalist, 2 harmonize and collaborate with. but im open to other options and ideas for this piece. if you hear it and you feel some melodie, or verse or even just words, then share it if youd like. if you wanna discuss the music or discuss collaborating then shoot me an email PLZ. --
54 mixer, producerElectronic 1d421
looking for someone to mix my trackHi! I love to compose but I am pretty bad at mixing so if anyone here is interested to help mix this track for it to sound better?
55 music produce,male singerElectronic 1d401
Lost In Artificial Realit
Electronica band in the mood of SanHello I am a female singer and I would like to create a band with male and female vocals , as stated in the title, my main influence is the singer Sandra from the 80ties and M83 This is what I have done so far: (as a singer, music composer, producer) Me on stage: I am dedicated to music and I am looking for a very good music producer who wishes to create something great and meaningful. This add is very serious so only reply if you are looking for the same things. (PS:The name of my project is the name of my previous personal project not the name of the project I wish to create)
56 Male / female vocalsPop 1d3e1
Away from you
Singer wantedThis piece deserves male or female vocals, I'm open to any sort of collaboration ;) Poke me ;)
57 Male / female vocalsOthers 1d3f1
You know that feeling
Need vocals.I need nice male or female vocals, open to any sort of collaboration ;)
58 Singer(s),producers,...Rap 1d3b1
OpportunityI'm open to any input about some lyrics I wrote down. Feel free to add music, change it, use it. The purpose is having fun with it. I had, as I never wrote anything like that before.
59 LyricistOthers 1d3a1
Searching for lyricist Hi, everyone! We searching for lyrics writer (with unusual lyrics) for our new album. We already have tracks with the ready tunes and we searching someone who can create texts for these tunes. Here is the page of our band (to understand that kind of music we are): It would be great to find someone for collaboration!
60 trapHip Hop 1d391
Coutillbrand x Bojam Rick