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November 07, 2011

cocompose has now 2.000 users

We do now have 2.000 cocompose users with an expotentially growing rate !
Thanks to all of you for being with us !!!


February 26, 2011

1.000 cocompose users

The musician community of has now more than 1.000 users worldwide!


January 07, 2011

cocompose on facebook

Since today can also be found on facebook. You'll find us under the name "".


Visit us. We were very happy to see you!



January 07, 2011 has established itself

It's time for an update. The number of visitors of (and grows steadily.


Meanwhile, we have visitors from 142 nations since its founding. Except for a few countries in Central Africa, a few countries in the Middle East and Greenland almost the whole world has meanwhile listened to your songs.


By us and also on behalf of our artists a graceful "thank you very much" for this interest!



September 16, 2009

New Features at

Who has always been with us knows what huge changes we had during the last two months. And again we like to announce a new feature. The 'private project'.

From now on each 'creative account' offers you by default the possibility to create a own 'private project'. And you can participate at an unlimited number of 'private projects' of others.

We created the 'private project' to offer you the possibility to develop your great song ideas and sound tracks solely with your friends or people of your choice, without the public getting knowledge of your projects contents. Also share your tracks via your 'private project'.
Of course your 'private project' does support all the other fortunes of the cocompose principle. All functions you now from the meanwhile well known 'open projects' are completely available the same way.

Learn more about the 'private project' here.

What else did we change in the last two months ?

  • Your projects, your songs and also your user profile is now reachable with a fixed link and ist now bookmarkable. You can now set a link on your webpage.
  • You can now embedd published songs and videos on your website. The embed code is displayed at the end of a song/video or can be reached by clicking "Menu" in our websites player. Like this you can easily present your collaboration or favorite songs and videos to the visitors of your website.
  • Your user profile can now easily be reached from all the places where your user name appears.
  • We implemented many new functions into the projects. The display of the track amplitudes helps you to distinguish the tracks length and contents, and the combinated position control helps you to see which track is generally and especially currently being played.
  • We enormously increased the loading speed for new selected track combinations within a project. No more wait ! The music does now play immediately !
    This might be very interesting for all of you having a slow internet connection or being settled in the States, Canada, South-America or Asia.
  • Comfortable multitrack upload with status bar. Simply choose your tracks on your harddisk within seconds and then upload them all at once into you music project with a single klick only. It doesn't matter if you have a mixed file selection of audio- / video- or image files. The system detects of which type your file is and stores your tracks automatically as audio- / video- or cover track.
  • E-mail notifications if your music project changes. E.g if there is a new track available, or a track have been changed as well as if there is a new track or project comment. You can switch off the e-mail notifications in your account 'settings'.
  • Project- and track comments do now appear with the users icon. Like this they can be found and read more easy. Simply roll over the icon to read them. Click on the Icon to see all available comments or to add your own comment.
  • You can now add comments to published songs as well. Simply open the song player and click the comment button. We will improve the the way to display these song comments as well.
  • Simplified download of songs.
  • We completely refurbished our design; made it more attraktive and user friendly.
  • Siplified sign up procedure for new cocompose users.
  • Furthermore we implemented many, many more enhancements. So many, that it would get a very large article. Simply check it out yourself.


July 16, 2009

New feature - cocompose community with bulletin board and communication tools

We added a new feature to - the community.
The new community system offers a bulletin board which makes it now possible to discuss on music and related topics.
Furthermore the cocompose community gives our users the possibility to directly contact other musicians and cocompose users using the community communication tools.
A cocompose community account also includes a personal guestbook.

The cocompose community uses its own system and thatfor needs its own login.
To make the two systems distinguishable we gave them two its own design. The cocompose main page (music projects + downloads) kept its green coloured design
while the community (bulletin board + communication) got an orange coloured design.

Simply use this direct link to check the new features, to search for members and to discuss music related topics.


January 24, 2009

Artist wanted- function available

To make it easier to look more detailed for other musicians for your music project we introduced the "artist wanted"-function.
Now you can file an advertisement directly out of your poject and so look for project participants. This ads is then displayed in "Artist wanted".

Take a look on "artist wanted" if wou like to participate on a music project. Maybe you´ll find exactly the right music project for you.


November 12, 2008

Auditory snowballs

The number of nations our auditory is coming from has doubled to 86 nations within only 3 days! Incredible!
We have no words for that, just: many many many thanks !!! Lachanfall


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November 09, 2008

Interested users - worldwideOnly one month online and already visitors of 43 countries - worldwide! We did not expected this!

We like to thank to all our visitors for their great interest in our new idea!

Do you like to support us, to keep this interest? Get more information here...


November 06, 2008

cocompose website - new design - the online music creation and collaboration community - now comes with a new design (beta 1.1).

We would be glad to get some feedback. Just maii us your opinion to


Oktober 05, 2008 launches it´s internet portal at beginning of October 2008 in the beta-version 1.0.

At musicians and such who likes to be, as well as other creatives, can worldwide colaborate on shared projects.

The projects can be whatched by the public and the songs and multimediawork (we call them composings) can be downloaded using the shop system (same for free and charged composings).

The website will be available in English and German language.