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Dynamic pricing model for downloadable songs** 


At audio-/multimedia-composings are provided for download following a dynamic pricing model. That means, that these contents do not have a fixed price, but a price orientated at the customers demand.

What exactly does this mean? Aren´t the songs/composings for free?

If contents can be downloaded for free, or if they will be charged, depends on the summary of all downloads of the respective composing-contents. From that moment on, when a new composing is available for download, the user downloads for this composing will be counted by the system. The system counts the downloads of the composings audio- and multimedia content seperately.

The first 50 downloads per media type a composing contains (here audio- / video- / captions content) are not charged, or better to say, are for free. Starting from the 51th download per each containing media type there will be charged a small price of 0,05 EUR for the concerned media type content. Finally the price for the respective content step by step increases - in depenency of its downloads - up to a defined maximum price. That´s the way, how the price depends on the customers demand.

Doing so, the downloads are counted in the following way:
- Number of downloads of an audio-composing (defined combination of audio tracks)
- Number of downloads of a video track x) in total (this means composing-spanning)
- Number of downloads of a captions track x) in total (this means composing-spanning)

As the case may be and depending on the respective content downloads, the price of a multimedia-composing is conjoined by the price of the audio-composing + the price of the actually displayed video track xx) + the price of the actually displayed captions track xx).

x) Can be part of multiple multimedia-composings at the same time. If downloaded as part of different composings the downloades in sum are counted.
xx) In a multimedia-composing respectively that track is displayed and offered for download, wich has the most subvotings within the multimedia-composing, whereas  in case of same number of subvotings the last given subvoting turns the balance.

Pricing table** (status 01.09.2008):

All prices are defined by the system according to the following table.
(All prices include VAT and exclude the transaction fee for money transfer)



Number of downloads

 Audio-composing Video track

Captions track

    Increase Price 1)IncreasePrice 1)Increase  Price 1)2)Free of charge 
 1to 50 0,00 EUR  0,00 EUR  0,00 EUR
 550,05 EUR 0,05 EUR0,05 EUR
0,05 EUR 0,05 EUR 0,05 EUR
 56to 600,05 EUR0,10 EUR    
 650,05 EUR0,15 EUR    
 66to 700,05 EUR0,20 EUR     
 750,05 EUR0,25 EUR0,05 EUR
0,10 EUR 0,05 EUR 0,10 EUR
 76to 800,05 EUR0,30 EUR    
 850,05 EUR0,35 EUR    
 86to 900,05 EUR0,40 EUR    
 950,05 EUR0,45 EUR    
 96to 1000,05 EUR0,50 EUR0,05 EUR0,15 EUR0,05 EUR
 0,15 EUR
 1100,05 EUR0,55 EUR    
 111to 1200,05 EUR0,60 EUR    
 1350,05 EUR0,65 EUR    
 136to 1500,05 EUR0,70 EUR0,05 EUR0,20 EUR 0,05 EUR 0,20 EUR
 1700,05 EUR0,75 EUR    
 171to 1900,05 EUR0,80EUR    
 2150,05 EUR0,85 EUR    
 216to 2400,05 EUR0,90 EUR    
 2410,05 EUR0,95 EUR 0,05 EUR0,25 EUR 0,05 EUR 0,25 EUR

1) price additionally to the prices of other content of a combination (audio/video/subtitle Lyrics (captions))



Examples **:

Example 1:
Let´s say you want to download an audio-composing A and this one was already downloaded 49 times by other users:
In this case the audio combination A costs 0,00 EUR. It´s for free ( FREE ! ).

Example 2:
Let´s say you want to download an audio-composing B and this one was already downloaded 92 times by other users:
In this case the audio-composing B costs 0,45 EUR. 

Example 3:
Let´s say that there is also an video available for audio-composing B, and you like to download this multimedia-composing B (e.g. music video). The audio-composing B belonging to the multimedia-composing has already been downloaded 92 times and the specific video track 57 times:
In this case the price is conjoined by the audio-composing B wich costs 0,45 EUR plus the price of the video content, wich in that case is 0,05 EUR. So the multimedia-composing B costs 0,50 EUR.

Note: If you order an multimedia-composing (mp4 video file) you always get the related audio-composing (mp3- and mp4 audio file) on top - for the same price. We think that´s a real good deal.

Why a dynamic pricing model - reasons and explanation **: 


1. At the beginning an unknown combination (song) ist for free. The price is 0,00 EUR ( FREE ! ).

That´s a good starting position to be observed by others and a good chance for the composing to be downloaded. This shall stimulate users to search for new possible track combinations within the projects, since new composings are initially for free.


2. Starting from the 51th download for the first time a small fee of 0,05 EUR is charged.

This is such a low price, that this starting price has rather a symbolic character. But it is a signal, that the combination must be good, otherwise this combination hasn´t been downloaded so many times. From now on the practical test for a combination (song) is going to start. Is the combination good enough, to be downloaded when it is charged?

As mentioned above the system distinguishes between the download of audio and the according mulitmedia contents and also assigns the contents download points seperately to each content. If there is an video content available for an audio-composing, this composing can be downloaded as pure audio-file or as video file as well. This has the advance, that the user can choose which contents of a multimedia-composing he likes. Furthermore an e.g. good audio-composing is not too negatively effected by another multimedia-content, which is possibly not as good as.


3. The appreciation grows.

If an audio-composing is good enough, it will be downloaded further on. Starting from the 51th download the price will slowly rise in specific steps up to an maximum price of 0,95 EUR (max. price for video and captions contents is 0,25 EUR each).
With this increasing rate the composition achieves a growing appreciation and attention at the public.


4. Faire prices for the public.

Who first detects a good composing at and downloads it, is sort of honoured by a free download. Someone coming a bit later still has the advance, that the price increases slowly. So dont´t hesitate, if you like a composed song, it´s price could rise until you next visit.

That´s why it makes sense to search for new comination possibilities within projects, as each inital voted audio-composing (respectively additional multimedia contents) can be downloaded for free the first 50th times. And except this, it´s even possible, that you find a better track combination as the one another user has already combined.


5. Voting has no influence to the prices.

If you vote a composing the ranking position of this composing is improved, but the price is not influenced by this. Maybe you like a specific composing, but you dont´t like do download it for some reason. With your voting or subvoting you can support a audio-composing and it´s mulitmedia content on it´s way to success, with no need to download it.

6. The work of the artists in being honored.

If a composing is that good, that it´s downloads are paid, the artists participated at the sold contents of this composing receiving money for their work following a specific roayalties key. So they can bring their works to market.

In our opinion artist doing good work should be honoured for that, even if they are unknown or aren´t professionals. With your paid downloads you support the artists and give them a motivation to keep on working at good composings and steadily improving them.

So it´s not just fun to participate at It can financially worth it participating actively at projects and optimize the projects inputs. The better the artists inputs are, the more tracks an artist create, respectively the more projects an artist is participating at, the larger is his chance on a good profit.

7. Artists do not have to fix an adequate price.

Especially for unknown artists it can be hard to find an adequate price for their work. The dynamic pricing model solves that problem, as the public finally decides how much it is up to invest in a combination (song) it likes.


8. Artists participating at a project do not have to agree on a specific price.

So many times we were thinking about a possible solution, how artists participating on a project and not knowing each other could agree on a specific price for a composing. We came to the conclusion that this is hardly possible to manage and a serious source for conflicts between the users. One artist may not want anything for his work, the next one may want too much. This is solved by the dynamic pricing system as well. The artist don´t have to find a price they correspond with; the audience decides with it´s paid downloads wich price is adequate.

** Important note:
The pricing system itself, the composition and/or the scale of the prices, as the charge of specific multimedia-contens in general and so on, are all subjects to change. All mentioned prices do include the legal german VAT and excluding Transactions fees resulting out of the payment process (money transfer). Transaction fees are declared in "my cart" if charged. Prices given here, are examplary and non-binding - for free and charged downloads respectively purchases only the composing prices, declared by the system in "my cart", are valid.