Using cocompose is easy
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Using is quite easy. (general information)

Using is realy easy, but of course it´s a new thing and so - like at all applications - at the first time one has to get familiar with it.
Firstly we need to explain the availability of functions and their relating buttons.


If you are not logged in beside of each track you will find the two buttons "track info" and "track comment". These two buttons are always visible to the public, if there was a respective content uploaded to the project (audio, video, etc.).


If signed in as a "creative user", you will see some more buttons (options) depending on your user- and track owner status and dependent on the status of your tracks (conversion status, vote status, etc.). Don´t wonder about it. We use intelligent buttons, which do only show up if the related functionality is available for you. For instance, you will not see a "delete track" or "edit track"-button if a track is not yours, as you are not allowed to delete a foreign track, of course.


Most of the buttons do have a tooltip-help, which shows up, if you are over it with your mouse without clicking it.