System requirements?
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Which sytem requirements and settings do you recommend ?

PC or Mac (with a performance usual in the market)


- Firefox or Safari recommended (Internet Explorer 8 not supported but works with restrictions)
- PopUp-Blocker disabled
- JavaScript enabled
- Cookies enabled
- Adobes flash player from version 9.0.115 up

Internet connection:

If you select some tracks within a project and play them by launching the player a huge amount of data is to be transmitted to your computer. The faster your internet connection is, the faster the player will start to play.

- DSL or cable with speed of 16.000 kbit is recommended (minimum is 2.000 kbit)
- The loading speed is also dependend of your country.

To receive e-mails from
- Set up your spamfilter in a way that e-mails of and are not classified as spam.
- Your spamfilter should accept pdf-files as attachments.
- Your E-mail software should be able to display html-formatted e-mails, to show our e-mails in the proper way.