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NEW ! The 'private project'

From now on your creative account by default includes one private project you can create by yourself (also for free, of course). Though you can participate to a unlimited number of private projects created by other users.

This included private projects does have a limit of 15 tracks, no matter who uploaded the tracks in to it and the respective track type.

What is a 'private project' ?

While an open project is visible to the public a 'private project' can only be visited by you yourself or by such users you personally invited to it.
So the public does not see your tracks, music ideas and commentaries unless you dont´t make the project accessible to others by inviting them and grant them access by doing this.

Only the project participants (the project initiator and users invited by him) can upload/download tracks, make project or track commentaries, play the tracks within the project, publish a song out of the project, and so on.

When does it make sense to create a 'private project' ?

Generally we recommend to create an 'open project' instead of a 'private project'. 
Keep in mind - No one can see your ideas. This means no one gets inspired by your ideas. So it may be more difficult to get the creative input of other users.

On the other hand you may want to work with your friends only and exchange your music ideas with them only. Or maybe you even want to work completely by your own.
In such a case it makes sense to create a 'private project' and to invite exaclty those users to you want to work with. Like this you keep a better control which track combination is going to be published or not.

Are there any differing rules or terms applying to 'private projects' or are there other functions in comparison to 'open projects' ?

No, the rules and terms are exacly the same like they are for 'open projects'. The only difference is the invisibility to the public and the limitation of 15 tracks per project coming by default with your 'creative account'.
Also the fuctions are exactly the same.

What happens If I myself or one of the invited users does accidently exceed the upload limitation of 15 tracks per 'private project' ?

Nothing ! Don't worry about that! We will not delete any of your tracks or charge you because of that.

Can I publish a song out of a 'private projects' ?

Yes of course ! The procedure is the same than in 'open projects', but only the invited users can do this by having the needed access.
A song published out of a 'private project' is fully visible to the public, can be commented by it and can be downloaded by all other users. But the project itself can not be opened/visited by non project participants.
Please, do never publish copyright protected tracks as part of a song. Please do not even upload such tracks to our server.

Can I change a 'private project' with its contents into a 'open project' ?

No, sorry! Maybe we offer this feature in the future. Please create a new 'open project' and upload your desired tracks again, if you want to to make a project an 'open project'.
Also the way vice versa ('open' to 'private') is not supported up to now.

How can I invite other users to my 'private project' ?

Once you have created your 'private project' this will be visible in your list 'private music projects' that appears in 'my projects'. Here click the link 'Invite users ...'.
On the following page you'll get an overwiev of the users already invided (if so) and a dialog box where you can enter the user name of the person you want to invite.
You can also add a short message to your invitation. From that moment on you've invited another user, he can visit your project and use this project in exacly the same way like a 'open project'.

Can I invite a 'simple user' as well ?

Yes you can ! A 'simple user' can then access your 'private project' via the link in the invitation e-mail he has got or via the usual project links provided on our pages. But a 'simple user' has no invitation list in 'my projects' since there is no such function implemented for this account type.
So it may be a good idea to invite 'creative users' only.

Can I invite a non cocompose user (not registered person to my project) ?

Sorry, there is no such function implemented yet. The access can e granted to registered users only.

Can I cancel an invitation to a 'private project' later on ?

No, sorry! This is a very complex topic, since we needed to control, if in in how far a users is already actively participating on a project. We had to find fair rules for each upcoming condition.
So better proof yourself carfully, who you want to invite to your project.
Thoug we are searching for solutions. Maybe we offer such a feature in the future.

Can I set any other limitations to users invited into a 'private project' ?

No, sorry. Once invited a user can generally do all actions within your 'private project' he could do at any 'open project'.

Can someone not invited find my 'private project' and visit it?

He can find it, but no he can not visit it ! 'private projects' do appear with their linked name in 'find projects'. Such project links do also appear in combination with songs published out of a project. In near future such links can also be found at your user profile page.
But if one clicks such a 'private project' link, he will find himself in front of a closed door. He can only open that door after he signed in to the system an if he has previously been invited by you.

What, if I need more than one 'private project' ?

Well, currently your account does come with one 'private project' only. But don't forget, you can participate on an unlimited number of 'private projects' of other users.
Maybe we changing this in the future, but no promises right now.