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The 'open project'

The best way to bring your music to success, get creative input by other users and to present your ideas to the public.

Simply create an 'open project' if you are looking for some of the numerous cocompose users to join your project and making cool music in collaboration with you.

What is an 'open project' ?

'open projects' are publicily visible music collaboration projects.
An 'open project' and its contents can can be played and commented by any other user, as well as any other user can participate on your project upload his tracks into it, or publish his favorite track combination out of it to a new cocompose-song as far as a track is not set to 'in work'-status.

How many 'open projects' can I create ?

You can create as many 'open projects' you want. There is no limitation on how many tracks an 'open project' may contain.

I created an 'open project', but it is not visible within the search results on the 'find projects' page. Why ?

The list of search results in 'find projects' does not display any empty projects.
As well it does not display projects, if they contain exclusively tracks that had sadly to be locked by the admin because of possible copyright violences.