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Download/upload in general (creative user):

At you can upload sound tracks, video (sound will be removed by the system), cover images and enter online your lyrics or programm your captions online. The uploading or entering process of the different media types is not all the same, but we tried to design the main funtions as far as possible in the same manner, to make the use as easy as possible. Please read also the following audio part, as we want to avoid to repeat the common functions for all the different media, even if you are more interested in how to upload a video, etc..

Ok, let´s start with the audio tracks:


Download and upload single tracks (audio + general process information):

To add sound tracks to an existing project you only need a sequencer application (e.g. Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Garageband, etc.), which can import mp3 files and export single tracks as an audio file. Generally you can upload your sound tracks in different file formats like .mp3, .aac, .m4a, ,mp4, .wav, etc., but unfortunately not as a midi-file.

If you are interested in participating on or try out how to deal with a music project at the easiest way to get familiar with the web application and idea of as an musician is to download one or more single sound tracks of a music project and then import them in your sequencer application. All you have to do is to sign up at and then to sign in to download or upload single tracks.

As first - download:
Signed in? Ok! As next open an existing project by clicking on the name of a song (composing). Now you will see three more options-buttons at each audio track (favorite, download and play). The "favorite"-button gives you the possibility to select and sort out tracks you prefer and to put them into the "favorite" tab. This is very helpful, if there are many tracks in a project. With the "play"-button you can play the single track directly without the need to select it or change your selection before. The "download"-button is the one you need if you like to download a single track. Just download the tracks you like by clicking this button (developer download) for each track you want to download. We have to mention, that we reduced the sound quality of these developer-tracks, to protect them from leeching. But the quality is still ok to tune your tracks to them.

If downloaded them to your harddisk, open your sequencer application, create a new project with the given project settings (bpm, beat, eventually also key), if such information is available in the header of the cocompose music project. Now import the downloaded tracks one by one and place them in the beginning of your sequencers timeline. You should now be able to play them synchronous. Ok, that´s it for the first step.

Now you can record your tracks and tune them until everything fits together. The only thing you have to look for, is not to change the volume of the single downloaded tracks, as this would lead to a wrong result when uploading your new tracks. So only tune your tracks or the master-volume to keep the right relation.

From time to time the process of collaboration will need to change existing tracks to get the ideas needs of different users together. If you need the tracks of another user being changed to realize your new idea and make them fit to your new tracks (create a pause, lenghten or shorten a song, etc.) try to adapt this changes temporarily to the downloaded developer tracks. Then upload your own tracks into the project and give the other user notice, that you need something to be changed, using the track comment.


As second - upload to an existing project:
If you feel like uploading your track to the music project do the following:

Export your new track as a single audio-track to your harddisk. Read the documentation of your secuencer application, how to do this, as this differs from app to app. At most of the applications you just mute the unused tracks to export the unmuted tracks. It´s alway a good idea to name the tracks as the instrument it is containing. This makes it easier to find the right track on your harddisk and to name the containing instrument when uploading it.

Make sure, that the preferences of your app is set in a way, that it does not change the volume (volume correction) of the exported tracks, and that you export your track at high quality (128 - 192 kb). When using the sequencer application some people using more than one track for one and the same instrument, to get a better control over it (e.g. dividing a piano part or a percussion part on several tracks). If you do so, you should export this multiple tracks, which are more or less of the same instrument type as a single audio-track, to make each track you want to upload containing one instrument type (e.g. 1st track=piano, 2nd track=percussion, 3rd track bass, and so on).
Ok, now that your track ist exported at first you should check, if it contains, what it should, and if the volume is ok.

Then log in at, then search and open the project you want to upload the track to. Select the tab "audio tracks" and click "add audio". On the new page select the file on your harddisk and name the instrument your uploading track contains. If you want you can give a short comment like "It´s an unfinished idea" or whatever. If you reused the melody or idea of another user you have to enter the cc-ID of his track as a "based on"-entry (in case there are several similar tracks (variations) of one and the same user, enter only one of them).

All done? Then click upload and wait. The upload will take a while. You can check the upload process at the status bar of your browser. If the upload is done you will be leaded automatically back to the project.
After the upload is finished, the system has to convert your file. This may take a while, depending on how busy the server is. So please be patient or revisit a bit later.

As you now uploaded a track there are three more buttons available (delete, edit, in work). It´s always a good idea to set your new track as first to "in work"-status. Why? In that moment the conversion is finished your track is visible to all users and they can theoretically combine your track with others and publish it as part of a new song. If this happens your track can not be changed anymore and you had no chance in case you made a mistake, uploaded something wrong or if you only wanted to test your track. But, if you directly set your track to "in work"-status, your track is protected from being published as part of a new song, as long you keep it to this status. With this status set, people can still see and play your track, also in combination with other tracks, but only within the music project.

The next thing you should do, is to listen to your track using the project player, as well as a single selected track and especially in combination with those tracks you are aiming to. Everything ok? Good! Not ok? Then you probably did something wrong. You can replace or delete this track as long it is not published as part of a song.

Now that you successfully added a track to an open project, you are a member of it. The next time you click "my projects" you will find this project in your project list and don´t have to search it again. Please don´t forget to enter your PayPal-ID in your "user settings" as we can not pay out royalties, if you forget this.

As third - upload to a new project:

If you want to upload your tracks to a new project the upload procedure in general is the same like described before. The only difference is, that you need to create a new project to proceed. Just click "my projects" and "create new" to do that.
As we suppose that you already prepared something to upload, you are now asked for some project information, like a project name, bpm, genre (you are targeting to), etc.. It make sense to give the information as detailed as possible, as this helps others to find and to participate on your project. Usually you can find some of the needed information at your sequencer application. In case you don´t know about the details enter a " ? ".

If created a new project you should always enter a project comment to give other users an idea, what you are intending with the new open project.

How do I download a song or multimedia-composing ?

The download of songs and multimedia-composings is really simple. There is only one little speciality at resulting from our need that we have to handle all downloads in the same way.

No matter, if a song is for free or not, please firstly put the song or multimedia-composing into your cart. Please don´t worry, nothing bad can happen. Just try it!
You can be absolutely sure that a download is completely for free, if you see a " FREE! " or " 0,00 EUR ". But even, if a download is to be charged you can cancel at every time. There is no obligation for you only by putting something in your cart. You keep full control, at every time.

The reason why all the downloads are done by using the cart is, that our system has to count all downloads to register the popularity of a song/composing and also to prevent unauthorized downloads. To download a song or composing, you firstly have to register at least as a "simple user" and to sign in to your account.

Now the procedure itself:

  1. To download a song or multimedia-composing, simply click the player-window of the respective song by clicking the "play" button.
  2. In this pop up-window appering no, you will find the information, which media-composition is available for a song and if these are for free or not, and the button "Download". Please check, if you like to download only the song (as mp3- and mp4-file) or if you prefer the multimedia-composing (song + video or/and captions as mp4-file) as far available. If you decide to download a multimedia-composing, you always get the song additionally on top as a mp3- and mp4-file. So you get both in one time (video and audio).
    Ok, now select what you like and confirm your choice.
  3. In the following click the button "my cart" from the main menu and check if all your selections are in your cart and of course if the prices displayed are correct (remember 0,00 EUR means it is for free!).
  4. a) All right? All songs for free?
    Then click the button "download" at the lower left of your cart. You will be leaded directly to the download page.

    b) Are there chargeble songs in your cart?
    Then you will see the button "pay with PayPal" instead the button "download". Now you have the choice:
    - You can either delete the chargeble songs from your cart an proceed downloading the non-chargable songs,
    - or you click the button "pay with PayPal" to pay them using your PayPal-Account. As soon the payment is finished you will see the "download"-button wich will lead you directly to the download page.
  5. On the download page you will find a table listing your ordered mp3- and mp4-files. Just click them to transfer them to your harddisk.
    You can visit this download page at any time. Just sign in to your account and choose "my cart" > "downloads".