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Do I need a music application to participate on cocompose music projects ?


cocompose music projects containing single audio tracks, which are recorded in advance by the users themselves on their own computers before being added to a music project. We decided not to offer the possibility of online recording, since we can not reach an adequate audio quality doing that.

There are many possibilities to record single tracks on your computer, depending if you want to record a true instrument, a software instrument or your singing voice. Usually one is using a sequencer application or a music editor app which can import and record single audio tracks and play them synchoniously. These applications do usually offer functions to improve the sound quality as well.

To participate on a cocompose music project your software should also be able to export your tracks as single tracks (means to export e.g. piano, trumpet, voice as single track each). There are professional and semiprofessional applications available. The prices variing from about 100 Dollars to several hundred dollars. But note that there are also freeware and shareware applications available, while some of them reaching real good results. Many manufaturers offer to download and test their applications as demo versions. We prepared a list of them most common applications in Service/Links.
You can visit our buletin board "music appiications" and ask for further information or checkout, if your questions is maybe already anwered there.