Assemble and publish songs
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Who can publish a song or subvote multimedia-content to a song ?

In general all "signed in" users are allowed to combine and publish a track combination of a music project and to subvote multimedia-content to a song if available in the project. This is needed to make the evolutionary enhancement process possible. But only "creative users" can upload new content into a project.

Do I need everything (audio / video / cover / captions) having prepared, before I publish a song from a track combination ?

No. Once a audio track combination is being published as a song using the "Publish" button, you can not change the audio tracks or add audio tracks later on to this published song. But you can select a new combination of audio tracks an republish that new combination as a new song. The old and the new song will be in competition to each other.

There is another rule for the multimedia contents you like to add to a already existing song. If you want to add a video, a cover or a captions track to a song you or someone else can either do this at the time you are publishing a song or later on. Read the next chapter to learn how.

As you see there is no need to have everything prepared from the beginning.

How do I add a video, a cover or a captions track to a song ? (Explanation of voting and subvoting)

If nobody uploaded or entered such a content before you need to upload or enter the respective content needed. Then select the audio tracks to which the multimedia content shall be assigned to. As next select the respective multimedia content. All selected? Ok! Next click the button "s-voting". Now everything is done and the multimedia content is added to the song, if the combination of your selected audio tracks was already published as a song. In case that your selected audio track combination is new, you are going to publish a new song and you have to enter a name for this new song.

But there is one important thing you should know: Assinged multimedia content is not fixed. We implemented a relative subvoting funtion, which allows all "signed in" users to vote multimedia content relatively to a respective song. We did this because the player can only display one video, one cover and one captions track in combination with a song and we wanted to give the multimedia content of a song the possibility to be enhanced over the time. That´s the reason why always that multimedia content is shown up and downloadable with a song, that has the most subvotings relative to the respective song.

An exmple: if you want to exchange an existing cover the new assigned cover needs as minimum the same or more number of subvotings for the respective song. But you can not give as many subvotings you want, as we built in a democratic system. Each user has one vote per multimedia track relative to each song. An example: There is one song, two covers and three videos. You can give one vote to each cover and to each video in combination with that specific song (published track combination). But one and the same cover, video or captions track can be assigned to different songs (audio track combinations) of a music project. Let´s imagine we had two published songs in a music project and only one cover. In this case you have one subvote for this cover for the first song and another subvote for the second song.

This way you can publish a track combination to a song on monday, add a cover on thuesday, add a captions track a week later and add a video a month later. If you designed a new cover two months later, just upload it and subvote it with that song. As far as no one subvoted the first cover, it will be replaced. If someone did you have to wait until your new cover gets more subvotings from other users as the first one has.