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Topic: Singer Looking for stuff to sing

phreak318 [ United States ] wrote on 17 Apr 2017, 07:59 h:

male singer from Louisiana can sing everything from country to keith sweat, willing to try just about any type of music as long as I can make it sound good. if anyone is willing to give me a shot at their songs,feel free to get in touch. thanks


cicpisces [ United Kingdom ] wrote on 20 Apr 2017, 14:13 h:

Hi Keith,

I'm a lyricist. I've been writing lyrics for some people on the site But a lot of the tunes need vocals.

My userid is cicpisces on there if you want to contact me.


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PENKSLYRICS [ United Kingdom ] wrote on 21 Apr 2017, 00:53 h:


I'm a lyricist from the UK, who has songs available due to collaborations with musicians. You can hear a small selection of these on my website, which are all available for recording. Also there is several others as just lyrics so if you can write music, hopefully you would be interested in some of mine.

Best, roger

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