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Topic: Lyrical Ying seeks musical Yang

Deeptrope [ United States ] wrote on 21 Feb 2016, 17:55 h:

I seek composers serious about making dreams a reality. Have over 150 lyrics. Can write to just about anything musically compatible.

V1) I’m never quite sure what to do
with the moments in time that I write.
Deficient in finding a clue
to announce them profound or too trite.
Limitations affecting my sight.

Ch.) Too simple for poetry, too silent for song,
not really sure where my passion belongs.

Compiling and filing as days drift along,
frames for my visions are quietly drawn.

Lyrical spheres, inspired frontiers,
creations awaiting a musical dawn.

V2) No music to fill in the lines
around the ideas composed.
I'm bound to feel somewhat confined
in the silent approach to my prose.
I’m in need of some notes to enclose.


Br.)    At a loss for the music I crave,
I fear I'm a lyrical slave.
The meter and rhyme keeping verses in time
to the noteless emotions I save.
I need sound to surround me in waves.


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