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Topic: Seek composer for my lyrics

cicpisces [ United Kingdom ] wrote on 31 Jul 2015, 21:13 h:

I'm looking to collaborate with a composer. I'm a lyricist.

First verse and chorus.


Uneasy sick feeling, in the stomach.
Recovery where your guts were pulled out.
Mines a rum and coke,
if and when it's your shout.

Like a churn of raw emotion,
round and round a circular vessel.
Time to lay life on the line,
out with the whole confessional.

You took what you were owed.
All the good parts, as the economy slowed.

And I know you, and I've got a hunch.
You'll bounce back from the credit crunch
Take a breather as part of your medicine
That's a boost to your adrenalin.
People say you deserve a punch.
But today its the world,
that took the punch.

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