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Topic: anyone looking for a vocalist??

sophie811 [ India ] wrote on 30 Nov 2013, 06:34 h:

Hey, I am new!! I am a singer and I'm looking forward to work on a project.


gennimat [ Greece ] wrote on 09 Dec 2013, 16:01 h:

Im looking for a female vocalist for a house/dance song . if interesetd pm me (:

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AMCtv [ Ireland ] wrote on 02 Jan 2014, 21:40 h:

Hi sophie811,
I don't suppose you're still looking to provide lyrics/vocals to complete songs?
I'm looking for someone (man or woman)who can provide me with a vocal track to mix in with an instrumental song I've uploaded to a CoCompose project.
Any interest, here's the URL:

Thanks for any reply,

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