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Topic: Creative songwriter(lyricist)

Sellall [ South Africa ] wrote on 17 Jan 2012, 14:10 h:

I'm a lyricist with great creativity in song writing. My genre are country, Christian, rnb and anything i find good. Seeking banks or anyone for a fruitful collaboration online. You may see some songs of mine.


Sellall [ South Africa ] wrote on 17 Jan 2012, 14:15 h:

Sample song:

Verse 1:
Sitting bored, looking through the window, thinking about yesterday’s meal,
The corn I ate and the meat I got to fry, the beer I drunk and the ice I had to lick,
But I know that it’s impossible, to dig the ground to reap from a barren land,
Chorus: The ice is on and the heat is gone, the sun is down, dead in its sunken bed

Verse 2
The fields are mourning and the birds are screaming, and you and I are nothing but a couple now,
Warming up, lying by each other’s side, keeping faith to live through this breezy hell.
The flames are gone and the wood is ashes now, the fireplace is nothing but a darkening grave,

Verse 3
The shoes are damp and the clothes are frozen,
The gloves are stiff, glued to each other’s face,
Lying down on the sofa now, awaiting warmth from a willing human hand,

Verse 4
The kettle and the pot sitting on the kitchen stove are wondering when it would be lit again,
For they too feel, the breeze on their skin, seeping through the paint on their body.
The cups and spoons lying in the sleeping tray, keep chattering loud as though they were some teeth,

Verse 5
The beasts in the ranch are lying down so cold as death,
Both young and old crowding round a flickering lamp,
The day is chilled and the night is icy now, as chilled as ice as icy as the Atlantic sea,

Chorus: The ice is on and the heat is gone, the sun is down dead in its sunken bed

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cocompose [ Germany ] wrote on 17 Jan 2012, 15:14 h:

Hi Sellall,

this is not the right place to post your lyrics.

Please create a project and post your lyrics in there. That's the only way how you can calloborate at

Your cocompose-team

Slogan: en-joyn the music

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