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Topic: suggestions for

leesharp [ United Kingdom ] wrote on 06 Jan 2011, 21:41 h:


As a suggestion / idea it would be nice to see an in box on your home page or always at the top of the screen an indication that someone had added an audio file / video file etc to a project that you had initiated.
This way users would know that someone had taken the time to record something, then you could go straight to the your project and listen / look at the added files and get in touch with that person to collaborate on further projects if you liked what you heard?

I think also that it should be the initiator of a project who can make the final choice to publish a song and the tracks that they like if people have added things. I am unsure if anyone who adds and audio file etc gets credit / payment for their input if the initiator likes what they have added and the song is published and is popular, but feel this would be a fair way of doing things??

Many thanks. Hope you don't mind the suggestions, Lee


cocompose [ Germany ] wrote on 06 Jan 2011, 21:45 h:

Hi Lee,

Thanks for you enhancement feedback. We are happy to get such constructive feedback and do generally think intensively about all reasonable suggestions.
For now our opinion on your suggestions is ...

Regarding A)
Well we do not have such a window on our start page yet. We think about it.
We have this function under “find projects”.
If you go there you see all projects (and songs) by default sorted by their “last edited” date including the information what kind of content to find there.
So exactly the topic of your proposal, but at another place.
You can refine your search in here as well.

By the way...
All participants of the respective project are notified by e-mail if there was a new track added or an existing track edited by another user. But only if one did not switch off this e-mail notification in his user settings since we respect privacy.

Same applies for new projects comments. Note the difference between project- and track comments. The system works a bit different for track comments. You get an e-mail notification on new track comments if it is your track, or if you are one of the commentators of the respective track.

Regarding B)
Well this is something we were discussing many times before we launched
We came to the conclusion (and this was meanwhile confirmed by praxis) that we can not lay this decision into the hands of the initiator only, at least not for public projects.
Why? Just because there are some users creating a project, paste a song text, a track or some other input in there and just forget that project.

Now imagin the worst case ...
Others start to collaborate investing their time but the initiator does not show up again. We think this would blame all participants.
The way we solved it protects all our users from such bad experience.

Regarding revenues ...
If a song becomes popular every entry which is a part of the final popular result (directly or inherited) is entitled for revenues.
So if the initial idea (e.g. song text) came from an project initiator and is part of the successful song, then he is entitled for revenues as well, even if all the final tracks came from other artists. With a reasonable percentage of course!
We developed a special key to do this in a most fair way, while the key checks the so called “Based On“-entries (references).
This applies for all participants in the same way not only for the project initiator.

Many thanks for supporting us with your constructive ideas.

Your cocompose-team

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